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Harry Keane



Mr. Keane, comes with the experience, knowledge and expertise in the theater, film, video and music industry.  Born in Brooklyn, NY., Mr. Keane's family moved to Texas when he was just seven and grew to manhood in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He discovered his talent and desire for the entertainment business when he worked as an extra in local TV and movie productions.  Keane, started his modeling and acting career with Star Over Texas back in the day.  Keane later attended Adam Roarke's Film Actor's lab part time in 1983.  This is the same Actor's Lab that Darryl Cox, Benton Jennings, Lou Diamond Phillips and Eli Cummings studied, while Keane attended the Actor's Lab.  Soon after that Eli Cummings and Keane became good friends.  While attending the Actors Lab Keane was heavily into Elvis Presley, Keane started Flaming Star Productions, where he produced and toured four states with an Elvis Impersonator backed by a 27-person band.  This making his way into the music and event world selling out shows with an Elvis Impersonator.  His marketing and advertising skills where profound.  In 1987, Keane attened Mark Chenall's USA Stunt school in New Mexico and developed a knack for stunts and stunt directing that would mark his future work in the industry. Following a few years in the Army, Keane formed Sun Coast Productions.  At Sun Coast, Keane under took a wide assortment of music, theater, film and video projects including commercials, industrial's, films, legal depositions, artist management and development.  At Sun Coast Keane successfully stunt coordinated  the National Stunt Performers Association show for the Mandalay Canal Shops in 1991-1992.  In order to hone in on his directing skills and attract bigger jobs, Keane attended the "Nuts and Bolts" seminar on production.  As part of this study program, Keane was able to study under such greats as Kyle McCarthy(Silence of the Lamb), Richard Abramitis (Cagney and Lacey), Burt Bluestein (Hills Street Blues), and Tene Yatroussis (Back to the Future).  Keane also attended a directing school by film director Paul Gray.  Armed with the advice and counsel of such a prestigious set of mentors, Keane undertook his first feature length film called Verdun Manor 1992.  Keane produced and directed the film.  Verdun Manor featured name actors, top flight stunts and the best crew and equipment.  It convinced Keane that the entertainment industry is where he wanted to be.  So in 1992, Keane felt a new image was in order and adopted the name Milestone Entertainment which later closed.  In 94-95 Keane and a friend took an old True Value store and turned the former store into the Old Town Music Theater where Keane Produced and Directed all the shows at the theater.  The theater eventually sold in late 1995.  In 1996 Keane was hired to remodel the entire Plaza Music Theater in Carrollton, Texas for bigger and advanced shows now that he would also become the Producer and Director of all the events at the Plaza. In 2000, Keane was hired by Mainline Entertainment Corporation where he was in charge of all live performances, marketing, promoting and production of various singles and EP's as a producer.  It wasn't til 2013 when his actor friend Mitch Samboceti said for years you cant give up your dreams because some crazy and jealous people want to spread rumors and hide behind alias names.  So in 2013 Keane started back into the Entertainment business and has gradually been writing and building up for what might be the biggest show yet "America's Next Girl Band" which he wrote in 2006 and is currently in pre-production through GemStar Studios LLC and Keane is also completing his feature film story entitled 'Ember Forest" . Stay tuned for further developments.  












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